Richard Boprae

Richard Boprae, founder of Boprae Studio, is a French Canadian artist living and working in Denver. Born in Montreal in 1971, Boprae, a self-described “nomad,” creates art fueled by his passion for travel and the exploration of new cultures. Having lived in Japan and traveled extensively throughout Europe and Central America, Boprae often finds inspiration in the natural elements, and the legacy of traditional art. The rich textures that he has encountered in sacred spaces throughout the world often serve as the backdrop for his opulent designs.

“For me, sources of inspiration are ever-abundant. I am in continuous pursuit of the endless journey of creation, inspired by the legacy of those who lived before me. Every culture, landscape, religion, city, and tradition stirs my imagination, and my creations are a result of the fusion between those inspirations and a harmonized, visual elegance that suits its time and environment.”

Boprae’s art brings ancient totemic hand-carving techniques and organic elements to contemporary design. His diverse body of work includes decorative murals commissioned for private and commercial installations, sculptured architectural panels and room dividers, and statuesque “totems,” specifically-designed to adjust to the mood of a particular space.

Boprae’s unique self-taught style consists of sculptured forms of repetitive patterns crafted in cement and applied to carved wood, wood panels, and canvas. He uses this cement base to create a high-relief texture, which is later coated in color. The three-dimensional aspect of the work’s final result brings his art closer to the family of sculpture. By following his instincts and the natural evolution of his work, Boprae creates distinctive decorative panels and murals that can be easily incorporated into modern residential and commercial applications.

According to Boprae, “My goal is to collaborate with architects and interior designers on challenging projects that allow my art to become part of the architecture, and the architecture part of my art.”

Both preceding and following his first major solo exhibition, “Odyssey 1,” which took place in Miami in 2001, Boprae’s work has been featured in a variety of solo and group exhibitions throughout the U.S., Canada, and Japan. In addition, his work has been commissioned for various residential and commercial installations, the latter of which include: Karu&Y Restaurant, Miami; “Tottem”, Miami; Cynergi Wynwood, Miami; Majestic Properties, Miami; Clinique L’Actuelle, Canada; Salgari Fabrica, Columbia; and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami. In May 2007, Boprae’s collection, “Dream Catcher,” debuted at ICFF in New York.

Richard Boprae