Architectural Panels

Inspired by the precious legacy of traditional art, Boprae brings ancient totemic hand-carving techniques and organic elements to contemporary design. His new collection, Dream Catcher, is created for private and public spaces, fusing fine art with interior design and architectural functionality.

Dream Catcher Collection

Hand carved wood panels, coated with a cement/resin compound on which different metallic finishes are applied. Each panel is custom and one of a kind. The pattern can be seamlessly reproduced to fit any dimension.
Each panel is a work of art.

Sliding Door

Pucci Room Divider






Room Divider / Screen

Three hand-carved, wood panels coated with a cement-and-resin compound. Double-sided bronze finish. Steel frame and footing.

Individual panel: 123 inches x 22 inches.



The organic finish of each color is created by natural reaction between its components. Irregularities are normal and desired. Custom colors can be develop to suit specific projects.

Rust Patina

Rust Iron

Black Iron

Stone Finish

Patina Green

Golden Bronze


Golden Iron


Custom Tiles


Custom Panels

Custom pattern and colors can be developed with architects and designer to better suit any project.
Concepts can be entirely designed and created by us to meet your vision.


Richard Boprae